Because it is just AWESOME! Arbonne for body and soul.


Okay, I only have a few minutes – actually only enough time for Dora and Boots to get through the jungle and up the tallest hill to reach the fix-it machine!?! Wow, if they can do all those things in 20 minutes, I can surely write a blog post! Right?!? Feeling inadequate.

I marvelled after my morning face-prep routine today at the state of my skin. After 2 children, I had some looming dark circles, skin with absolutely NO rebound and wrinkles were setting in BIG TIME! 5 months later and so much has changed. I have a firmness to my skin that is astounding after I thought I had lost it forever! My husband was amazed at how soft my face is. AND, those lines of experience are ever-so-softly reduced, making me feel not so weary when I catch a peek at myself all covered in crumbs and disheveled after a long day with the kids.

I’m not what you would call a materialistic or narcissistic person in general, but there is something to be said for taking care of your body. Confidence has it’s roots in my body and my soul and I can truly flourish when I look and feel my best. When I know that I am happy with my presentation of self, I can really focus on my interactions with others. I can listen to them, see them and really hear what they are saying without being interrupted by that little voice in my head saying “Hmmm, looking a bit ragged today, eh Momma?”.



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