Rock it out – Like you know you can!


I love this video for a few reasons.

1) I had expectations before he even opened his mouth. You would think I would have learned better by now.

2) Only weirdos would cover the soundtrack from The Bodyguard, right? The cover songs that I typically prefer are infused with originality and new interpretation. This one is not. This guy hits every unachievable note and shocks the pants off me.

3) As long as wonderful things like this are passed along, I will keep using social media. It shows talent, ability, belief, and emotion  – even a dedication to his Mom! There have been a few clips of interest floating around that point toward the hugely negative social impact of FB and other social media sharing platforms. This is the topic of another post, but for now, I will divulge that the positive keeps me coming back for more.


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