what Miley taught me about parenting


Watching this performance was profound for so many. Most in very negative ways. I believe that Miley Cyrus has amazing talent, sings with a unique and powerful voice and has a strong heart. She is no different than many girls as they progress through adolescence. If we do not truly believe in our worth, we challenge absolutely everyone to make them show us that we have value. Any value. We are unable to see our strength because in the eyes of the media and popular culture, we don’t fit. We aren’t right. We are not enough. Unfortunately for Miss Miley, she must live this out front, exposed and judged even as she rebels against having to be compared to all that is impossible to attain. Sending you all my love Miley, in the hopes that you discover your blazing, beautiful heart sooner rather than later.

lindsay leigh bentley

I didn’t watch the VMA’s last night, but one glance at Facebook this morning told me that Miley did something.  I was curious, so I looked it up.  I watched about 10 seconds of her performance before becoming overwhelmed with sadness and turned it off.


I have a daughter.

It’s a theme that repeats itself over and over in the world of celebrity: young kid gets famous, young kid makes claims for purity and “being a great role model”, young kid gets super famous and implodes right around age 19.

Remember when Jessica was a virgin bride?  When Britney was saving herself for marriage? When Bieber was singing hymns?  When Lindsay was in Parent Trap?

What happens to these children during their teen years that none of them can seem to escape…?

Neither my husband nor I are famous, but spending enough time in the music industry, we have seen…

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