Reasons to smile… Photo credit Gary Trent Photography, Grand Forks, BC

Reasons to smile…
Photo credit Gary Trent Photography, Grand Forks, BC

At 41 years of age I still feel quite young, but when I think about telling you who and what I am, the list feels long. Long enough to be annoying, so here are the highlights!

A Mom (yes that deserves a capital M) , a wife, a Respiratory Therapist, a West Coast Swing dancer, a health care educator, a painter, a not-so-great gardener and a gal with a passion for facilitating behaviour change and excellence in patient care. I’m a perpetual student and I begin graduate studies next month in the exciting field of learning and technology through Royal Roads University. I live in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

I search for answers to intense, meaningful questions. I’m finding them slowly but it took huge life events like bringing children into the world and returning to health after a life-altering toxic work event to bring about some understanding! Stay tuned…we will find our way together, one way or another.

I blog for me.  Just as my journal has been a source of healing and self-exploration, I am hoping for similar progress with a blog. Read if you like and leave it if you don’t. To create an online community of positivity, growth and support would be the best I could ask for.

Christy Boyce –

Contact me at:



My blog is personal and yet, I invite you in. Please be kind and respectful in all comments as you should expect from me.


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