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Car Crazies!


So unexpected. Such a feeling of freedom in an unexpected place. I crank up the music and roll down the windows.

I am a Mom with NO KIDS in my car!

Rev up that engine...it's ME time!

Rev up that engine…it’s ME time!

Dear God, what has it come to? The mere thought of driving sans children makes me giddy. How could I have ever taken this for granted?

I can sing at the top of my lungs. I can listen to WHATEVER I choose! I am relaxed and eager to do errands, buy groceries, even run this baby through the wash!!!

It only took 5 years of driving with infants and young children in my vehicle to get here. Those uninitiated to baby/car or kid/car situations cannot empathize. Nothing will allow you to feel the anxiety, the dread and the hell that is infant transport. The buckles and tears and fussing and crying. Oh God, the crying! Like an electric current up my spine, instantly inciting neurologic chaos. Can I reach the soother? Where is the soother? Ok, just stay on the road and reach for the soother behind you. Make it stop!!!

No longer is a day running errands an opportunity to explore the town and rest my brain. Now I shuffle children in and out and in and out of buckles and belts with the remnants of little orange cheesie crackers crusted in the cracks. Nevermind the incessant nap schedule. Can I make it out before she sleeps or will she fall asleep in the car and then wake when I move her and then be crazy until I go crazy and then not sleep at night and on and on and on…?

But not today. Today, for 30 whole minutes, I have my car-time back. There are no words for this luxury. This is heaven. I will enjoy every last second of my music and even stop for a latte. Hell, I might even go really crazy and stop at a shoe store!

Look at me! Oh yeah… I got this!

P.S. Get out and go inside the Starbucks. Drive-thrus are for Moms.


A Mother’s work is never done… Scheduling for greatness #1


new vintage mopping

I was washing the floor this morning and trying to wrap my head around our schedule for the day. I can really think when I wash the floor. Maybe it’s because of the repetitive ‘push-pull’ of the mop. Maybe it’s because my children have to be preoccupied so I can keep them off the floor. Either way, I can really think things through and follow my train of thought when I am in full house-frau mode!

Anyways, speaking of train of thought… I was pondering a remark a friend of mine had made about how she cannot understand how I fit everything into my schedule. Part-time shifts at the hospital, son back and forth to preschool, daughter down for naps, working my Arbonne business, dinners out with my husband, keeping a Facebook page and now a blog up to date and even popping out for a social night of West Coast Swing dancing once a month. This made me really think about how we can fit so many things into a day and not go crazy with stress. So, maybe I can share a few things that work for me.

1. Involve your children – These little people love to be a part of the family dynamic. They want to be considered an integral part of the family. Make them feel like you could not function without them! Make sure that you run some plans by them, even a day or two before it happens. My son in particular really needs to be given advanced notice of things and I always regret it if I throw something at him he does not expect! FREAKOUT session! Nothing like a screaming 4 year old to create stress. The conversation usually goes something like this…”This week, we have a few things that we need to do and I need your help…” Then I give him a list, reinforcing the days of the week as we go through (teachable moment!) and often end up writing him out a little schedule if some activities are related to him directly. He loves it! He even posts it up in his room and crosses the days off himself!

2. Involve your spouse – OK dear, time to pitch in! It was so unbelievable clear to me how difficult it would be if I was a stay-at-home Mom when I returned to work after both my maternity leaves. A full 12 hour shift where I did not have to be responsible for anyone but myself…HEAVEN! So, by staying home all day with my children, my husband understood how challenging the day was and now he is always ready to offer me time away whenever I request it. Errand time, gym time, shopping time, you name it. He appreciates my hard work and likely his own opportunity to be with the children and then escape to his job again the next day!

3. Take time for you!!! – This one is huge. I struggled with this and still do, but now realize the importance of this simple concept. After a full 12 hrs with my kids I felt too exhausted to even think about cleaning up and heading out. I also really wanted to spend a little time with my children and husband all together, as a family. But, I end up drained from doing the same thing ALL day with no time for me. Choose 2 or 3 days each week where you get a full hour or two away and to do whatever you need to do: exercise, shop, go for coffee with a friend. You choose! It will likely work very well if this is exercise! You WILL have energy if you just get your body moving! Get out in the fresh air with no little people to herd. You will have SO much more patience and energy for everyone else if you allow yourself to recharge.

More tips to come in the future….and don’t think I have all these things perfected.

I too, am a work in progress!! It takes persistence and perseverance to build habits for great success!